Friday, March 14, 2008

Vintage Buttons

I began collecting vintage buttons quite by accident. However, now that I have them, I can't imagine crafting with out them.

Vintage buttons are a must have for any crafter. They can be used to dress up scarves, sweaters, drapes, and bobby pins. I've also seen them used to create rings, necklaces and brooches. Their uses are endless.

Want to start your own vintage button collection? Start by looking in your own home. Check those boxes of old clothes you were going to toss. You may want to salvage some buttons. Don't forget to check your grandmother's sewing closet and your local second hand store. Vintage buttons are also for sale on Etsy.

Do you have a great way to use a vintage button? Leave a comment and share it with us!

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Kipluck said...

My mom used to have jars of buttons that I LOVED to play with. I would sort them over and over again. By size, by color... (and, by the way I am not autistic, but I am OCD) They were so FUN! Now I go to stores and look at buttons and think DANG! She is RICH! Buttons are EXPENSIVE! How am I ever gonna be a mom? I can't have a jar of buttons. I can't afford them.

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