Thursday, March 20, 2008

On a Diet?

Trying to lose weight? Then make a blog about it!

I've made a new blog about my weight loss journey. And I've found that it's one of the biggest motivations I've had in a really really long time! I finally feel like I'm doing this for the right reason, and the people who are on there supporting me, depend on me to make sure that they don't fall of the track either. I feel like a role model, and that they look to me for inspiration, guidance, and for a little push in the right direction.

So, now I'm extending my hand to YOU. The one who wants to lose either a few pounds, or a whole preschooler. Here is your chance to join in the Weight Loss Web Ring (WLWR).

Click here to start your journey! Make your own blog, send me the URL, and I'll add it to the WLWR. I've added a few sites to my site that are good for recipes, inspiration, motivation, and tracking your goals. Feel free to browse, and comment. I'd love to be on your journey with you!

Make today, the first day, of the rest of your HEALTHY life!

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