Monday, November 17, 2008

Pine Cone Wreath

This wreath is SO cute! Check out the Brightwood Living blog for more details.

She doesn't have step by step instructions, but it sounds like she attached the pine cones to the wire form with floral wire & the last row looks like small pine cones attached with floral wire to the center to hide the floral wire that attaches the larger pine cones to the wire form.
Hopefully that makes sense.

Check out the blog post & her pictures.

One suggestion - she mentions the sap gets all over, so wearing latex type gloves (like your Dr/Dentist) may be a good idea. (maybe not, so don't hold me to it ;-)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

I found your

I heard about this site Found cameras & orphan photos if ever you find a lost camera you can email this site two photos on the camera or memory card and send a description of the item found and they will post it to thier blog and hopefully it will be a wonderful reunion with the memories you photographed and thought you lost...

I think that it is an awesome thing to do.. I will tell you that a great friend of mine went to California with her family and it was her boys first trip to sea world, Disneyland and DCA ... She happened to set her camera down in a bugs life show at DCA... about a half hour after she left the camera she went back and asked a cast member about if anything had been turned in and well the answer was a NO... We then went to file a claim with lost and found and nothing... She checked back at the close of the day and still nothing... so I hope that someone with some sort of moral code will post onto this wonderful site so that way my wonderful friend can obtain her photos of  a lot of firsts for her kiddos...

Please pass the word about this wonderful site... maybe just maybe the more people know about this site the more photos will be returned to thier rightful owners... Thanks all for letting me ramble...
 I just want a happy ending... cause the trip really shouldve been a magical one... and for the most it was...
Thanks again all...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Another Headband Giveaway!

The Orange Plum is having a headband giveaway...check out their blog for the details & check out their Etsy store for fun new patterns & colors AND their new Baby Blankets!
(the drawing will be Nov 16th @ 4:30 MST)Two of the reasons these headbands are so great is because they STAY where you want them, and they don't hurt your more "headband headaches".

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Paper Doll fun:

Feeling a little bored? Have a daughter who needs a little entertaining? In the mood for some brightly coloured, awesomely charactered virtual paperdolls?
Check out the Cartoon Doll Emporium.

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