Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Modest Maven

One of my favorite things about the Hip Homemaker is that it's provided a venue for several of my favorite things: writing, homemaking, crafts, and especially networking! (If you ask any of my close friends, they'll tell you that I'm a "networking addict," if such a thing exists. Why re-invent the wheel when it comes to finding good ideas for things? Save it for what you do best.)

After my somewhat verbose "Modest Magazines" post, I was ready to start in on reviewing some of the modest clothing links that the two magazines provide. With the limited budget I've been living on the past two or three years, I couldn't have done it justice. Then Modest Maven stepped into the picture with her new blog:
Modest Maven: "All your modest clothing news." So far it's mostly a review of the websites. And what a list it is...and a list of links as well.

MM's Blogroll
A Simply Modest Blog…
All your modest clothing news
old fashioned lady
Pretty/Modest Blog

modest clothing company
Be Precious Clothing
Downeast Basics
Funky Frum
Sexy Modest
Shabby Apple
Shade Clothing
Stop Staring
Taqwa Iman
The Mod Bod
The Soon Collection
Vintage Hem

(please, MM, keep it up! And anyone else who orders from some of these lesser known the ones so many of Laurie's HH bloggers tell us about.)


Kritta22 said...

thank you so much for this blog...I really need to shop for some modest clothes!

Andrea said...

Just wanted you to know that the Summer Clearance prices get even better today! Starting today, take an additional 20% off all summer clearance prices! This promotion will run through August 6th! Some items are more than 50% off!! Place your orders ASAP as items are bound to fly off the shelves!

Jess said...

Hi all,

Just wanted to add my online boutique,, to the list! Our summer clearance sale is on, along with some shipping specials.

Use code SHIPITFREE to get free shipping on any order over $30. Otherwise, shipping an order of any size is just $5 :)

Thanks for joining me in making "modest fashion" a reality, not an oxymoron! I'm so glad to know there are like-minded women out there.

~Jessica Rogers

Cumorah said...

I'm trying to teach some youth about the importance of modest swimwear -- but can't find an official church stance on it anywhere. Do you know of any article or talk where the Prophet or an apostle came out and gave guildlines on swimsuit modesty? Or is this whole thing just something they made up for girls' camp? :) Please post what you find. Thanks.

Beth said...


Try the "For The Strength of Youth" pamphlet. I don't know that it mentions swim wear specifically, but it does mention always dressing modestly.'m not sure if that link will work, if it doesn't you can find the pamphlet at under gospel library, then support materials, than youth.

Elaine said...

Also check out for more modest fashion!

Anonymous said...

I sew and encourage people to sew only truly modest apparel. The problem with sites, blogs, shops, etc. that "supposedly" promote modest clothing, is that they justify what they are peddling, even if it is not truly modest. That makes it a subjective thing, rather than an honest effort in covering well and not wearing skin-tight or low-cut attire. Much to consider; but making modesty subjective does not make modesty true. We must do our best to be humble and dignified, even if it means giving up those stilettos (spell check??). God Bless all! =:^)

a la Modest said...


Thanks for the compilation of modest blogs! I started one of my own as well. Glad to have this post!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ladies,

We at Sierra Brooke, just wanted to let you know we are out here for your modest yet stylish clothing needs. Check out our new selection of Spring and Summer tops, skirts, and chic dresses! Feel free to check us out at

We also have a Sierra Brooke group on Facebook!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know about my modest fashion blog:

Empowered Modesty

I am Jewish so my definition of modesty is more strict than most Christian women, but I'll be posting items of interest to women of ALL modesty standards. Stop by and say hi!

Kristina said...

I'm doing what I can to promote modest clothing and dressing on my blog. I you want, check it out.
Kristina J.

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