Sunday, July 27, 2008

Lullaby, and Good Night

I often find myself singing nursery rhymes and lullabies my mother sang to me when I was a small child to my own son now, only to replace forgotten lyrics with the word "something." My husband has also picked up this habit - it's pretty sad. Thank goodness a simple internet search turned up this website for us to remember and relearn some favorites we've long forgotten.

KiDiddles is the offspring of
Terry Kluytmans, a single mom who lives with her daughter, Tiana, on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. The idea for KIDiddles came about after Tiana joined Terry's family through adoption in May 1994. She wanted to sing to her daughter -- just as her father had done with her -- but was having a difficult time remembering the complete lyrics to any given song. She went online to see what she could find, and came up empty-handed. She started her own collection of songs through visits to garage sales and second hand book stores, and decided to share what she found. And so the KiDiddles site was born.

KiDiddles is super easy to navigate. You can search by subject, song title or even lyrical excerpt. You can sign up to print out song sheets of most songs to put into your own personal songbook. And if you can't quite remember a tune, many songs even include a midi file of the tune on the lyrics page to help refresh your memory.

If you do run over to KiDiddles and fall in love with it the way I have, please read and follow the copyright rules before using it in an inappropriate manner (no reproduction, no redistribution, and no commercial use).

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