Thursday, July 24, 2008

Just Click to Give; then maybe shop

One of my longtime favorite websites is The Hunger Site. All you have to do there to help donate food to the needy is visit the site once a day and click where it says, "Click to give." Sponsors do the rest by donating on your behalf.

The site also has five "sister sites" that you can get to simply by clicking on their tabs at the top of the page, and, you guessed it, by clicking on their accompanying "click to give."

The fun part: you can also give by shopping on any of the sites (Hunger, Breast Cancer, Child Health, Literacy, Rain Forest, or Animal Rescue.) I picked out some of my favorites to show you. Their items are a bit like having Pier One and Etsy shops all rolled into one, with the added bonus of giving back at the same time.

The Hunger Site

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Kipluck said...

I am a frequent clicker (and occasional shopper) over there. Especially the Animal Rescue. I mean, I realize it all sort of goes into one pot of charity (I think) but that is just my demographic, you might say.

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