Monday, May 26, 2008

Why pay sticker price again...

When you can get a great deal....

If you have Triple A or a Costco membership you can go directly to them and let them know you are interested in buying a new vehicle. They will ask you the make and model you have in mind and from there they will find a participating dealership in their program. They will send you to the Fleet manager of the participating dealership. You will pay a certain price over the invoice price... Triple A it was 499$ above the invoice price. No haggling, no mumbo jumbo... Just great customer service. They go over everything... Since we were looking for a Ford Escape Hybrid we choose to Deal with VILLA FORD in orange (close to the InLaws). They gave us the price of the vehicle and then looked high and low for a hybrid. Since those are "gold", scarce to find one with what you want and well since they couldnt find one, we ordered one (can take up to 8 weeks). We wanted the ice blue escape with the chrome package... well since another dealership had gotten one in after we ordered, The gentlemen in the fleet department asked if we wanted that one (ice blue with the electrical plug no chrome package) we decided to take it. So, on saturday we walked into the dealership around 10am and walked out with a new car washed, fueled up, and paid for with in an hour and a half... we walked out and drove off into the sunset at 1130am ...

However after we had started to look into getting the hybrid about a week Ford Motor co sent out a memo to the dealerships nationwide that they can not longer have the hybrids participate in the fleet pricing program. They can not keep the cars in stock long enough. The escape gets 34 city and 30 highway. We got just the basics, nothing really cool or fun. I love that the new cars automatically come with a plug for your MP3 Player.

Since it was Memorial day weekend we did get a 1000.00 cash rebate from Ford as well as we put a hefty amount down... we paid for lojack which is normally 999$ for triple A customers we got it at 40% off , as well as on the extended warranty... New car buying wasnt so bad. So next time go to good ol' Triple A if you are a member and ask them what they can do for you in re to purchasing your next vehicle... Mind you if you are looking at buying used I believe they can help you with that as well... It doesnt hurt to ask.
We also have Triple A for our insurance and we asked how much our insurance will go up if we added the escape and dropped our truck. We really wanted to know how much our total purchase would be and how much we would be spending extra a month. Since we decided we could afford it we went for it.
I work for a bank and I went ahead and applied with them and we are getting a 4 year loan and with any luck we will be able to pay it off in 2 years... if all goes the way that is planned. :)
A new car is such a big purchase, we really didnt know if we could do it until we explored all the options and priced it out. I hope this info helps.

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