Monday, December 22, 2008

Mistletoe Kissing Ball

This Mistletoe Kissing Ball is my own adaptation from a Martha Stewart creation. Though it's similar, the biggest difference really is that I made mine on a budget, choosing denim leaves instead of Dupioni silk, etc. saving quite a lot of money. (Estimated cost: 48.00 for the materials for six balls, $8.00 per ball.)

These mistletoe balls are especially perfect for hostess gifts for all of the many parties you are visiting this holiday season. They do take a little time and since it's already last minute and they are very detailed (but they are terribly gorgeous!)... so, craft! Craft like the wind!

Materials Needed:

4" styrofoam ball
Silver spray paint
Cup hook
Craft glue
12 Miniature pine cones with floral wire tied at the bottom (to attach to ball)
Silver glitter
White glitter
Miniature ornaments or 2 Beaded branches (I purchased discounted champagne-colored beaded twigs from Michael's Craft, marked down to $.59/each)
Wire cutters
1/4 yard light green denim
Floral pins (with white pearlescent heads)
Floral tape
Decorative ribbon in the color of your choice (for hanging)


Begin by spray painting silver your styrofoam ball and cup hook. Allow to dry according to directions on paint can. Attach hook to ball using craft glue.

Prepare pine cones by dotting the edges with craft glue and sprinkling with silver glitter. After they dry, attach each one to the ball at random with glue on attached wire.

Pinecones attached to painted styrofoam ball.

Prepare miniature ornaments. If you purchased a beaded branch, remove beads using wire cutters, and allowing for at least one inch of wire to attach to ball. Separate beads evenly into two separate piles. Leave one pile plain, while glittering the second pile of beads.

Beaded branch in a champagne color, purchased from Michael's Crafts.

Wire cutters and plain beads removed from branch, leaving a one-inch wire stem.

To glitter the beads, first coat each bead with a thin layer of craft glue using a dot of glue placed on the tip of your finger. Roll in a bowl of white glitter and set aside for at least an hour to dry.

Glittered beads using craft glue and white glitter.

Once both groups of beads are ready, coat their wires in craft glue and attach at random to the styrofoam ball until almost completely covered (leaving a few small holes is fine).

Ball with beads and pine cones attached.

To create the leaves, first draw a leaf on a piece of paper, about one inch tall. Cut your denim fabric into strips and layer four at a time. Use clips to keep them from coming apart while cutting. Holding your template in place, carefully cut around template through all four layers. Each ball will require about 40 leaves, or to your liking.

Use a floral pin as the mistletoe berry. Use 1-3 pins for every two leaves. Wrap together using floral tape. (Pull floral tape taut to activate its glue to keep it in place). Randomly place mistletoe into ball, coating the floral pins with glue first.

Mistletoe leaves made from denim. Place two leaves together, secure with pin (left). Wrap bottom with floral tape (right).

Cut ribbon to desired length and tie with a bow at the top. Attach to cup hook on ball.


Kristin said...

Hi. I was just wondering what you used to replace the iron-on vinyl? Maybe you didn't have to use it because you used different fabric. I have been looking everywhere for this stuff and I can't find the vinyl! Any help you could give would be apprciated!

Blake said...

Wow, this Christmas ball is awesome! Laurie, you're really crafty! This d├ęcor is good for decorating homes and even offices during the Christmas season.

-Blake Mitchell

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