Friday, January 2, 2009

Safe Drugs during Pregnancy and Breast-Feeding

My pediatrician's office got a new nurse last month and I recently called to see if there were cold medicines I can take while nursing my baby that were off-limits during pregnancy. This new nurse happened to be on-call that morning and told me about, a website I can use any time to check the effects various drugs have on pregnancy and the milk produced by nursing mothers, and whether or not said drugs and effects are considered safe by the FDA.

From the website:
" is a complete database of worldwide medications (generic& trade) providing information on the drugs' indications, fetal risk, breastfeeding risk, during pregnancy, according to the FDA."

I recommend double-checking with your ob or pediatrician about newer drugs because the website's list of drugs has not been updated since October, 2006 and an email I sent requesting a recent update has gone unanswered. So far, every drug about which I've asked my pediatrician has been in line with the site's recommendations, so it does provide good general guidelines.

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Donna said...

What a helpful website. Thanks for passing it along. I'll be using it!

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