Thursday, December 18, 2008

Great deal on 'All You' magazine

Cheryl Hinton is a Southern Living at HOME consultant that has a current deal right now where you can purchase a 2-year subscription to the popular All You magazine for only $19.95. 'All You' is only available for purchase in Wal-Mart stores, and the shelf price is more than $2. Cheryl is able to get us 24 issues for only 83¢ each! I am passing along this information with her permission.

Cheryl has set up a way to place your orders online with a credit card. If you'd prefer, she can also call you directly to place your order over the phone. You can pay via credit card or personal check over the phone

To order online:
Click HERE.
Type 40776 into the Product Search box
Click "All You personal subscription"
Click "How to Purchase"
Enter "Kim J" into the Hostess Name boxes
Click the first name link to access Kim's December 15 party
Type 40776 into the Product Search box again
Click "All You personal subscription"
Click "Select this Item"
On same page, click on the "Finalize and submit your order" link
Your subtotal should be $19.95. If it's more than that, double-check the number of subscriptions in your cart.
Click "Continue to Checkout"

Fill in your personal information and follow the directions for payment. Make sure to use your MAILING address. The confirmation statement about items being shipped to the hostess only applies to PRODUCTS, and NOT MAGAZINES. There is no additional charge for the magazine to be delivered directly to your home. The $10 charge mentioned is only for the direct shipment of products. **PLEASE do not check that box!**

If you wish to purchase a Gift Subscription, just place an order using the name and address of the person you are buying the subscription for. You can then use your credit card information to pay for it.

Cheryl has made herself available to answer your questions or address any problems you encounter during the ordering process. Her contact information follows, or you can fill out and submit this simple form.

Cheryl Hinton
Independent Consultant
Southern Living at Home

~Cheryl just emailed me and said the ALL You deal will be going on after the first of the year. I will post again in January with updated 'party information' if you'd like. Thanks!~

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