Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Online children's journals

I stumbled across a website I really like last week. Kidmondo is still a baby, as it was only publicly launched in April, but it's a wonderful site for sharing your children's growth, 'big news', pictures, videos, and stories with friends and family. My favorite part is the Growth Chart, where you can input your child's weight, height, and when their teeth come in. You can even choose to track this information in pounds and inches or kilograms and centimeters! And the growth charts provide you with your child's percentile information for weight and height. No more trying to recreate what your pediatrician gives you at the office - just print it out from this site and paste it into your baby book.

Kidmondo has three types of accounts available for use. The free account allows you to record information for up to three children and gives you 25mb of storage, but requires your account to allow online advertising. For just $5.00/month, you can go ad-free, track five children, and up your storage to 100mb. The max account costs $10.00 per month and allows you to track unlimited children and gives you 500mb of storage.

The site is simple - there are only four color schemes to choose from - but it gives you a separate url for each child's journal for easy sharing with friends and family. Toggling between different children and journals is very easy (just use the drop-down box in the upper right corner). Subscribers can choose when to receive updates about your child, but you get to choose those subscribers, and decide who sees what information about your child.

So check out Kidmondo if you have a few minutes. Even if your children aren't brand new, the online diary is a great way to start keeping a journal for them if you haven't already begun, or if you want to share stories or names you don't feel safe sharing on your blog.


hallson said...
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Kidmondo said...

Hi Daisy,
Thanks for the post!
Please let us know if you have any requests for the site. We always love to hear from our users.

- Team Kidmondo

Cheryl said...

Hey Katz,
I think this sounds pretty cool. Thanks for stoping by our blog. I love your new header. I hadn't been to you page for a long time since I havn't been able to access the computer that has all my friends blogs into "favorites". I'll see ya around :)

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