Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Free Printable Owl Envelopes

We found this darling printable owl envelope over at Rubbergob! Head on over there for printing directions and to check out the rest of their chic crafting blog.
Our suggestion: Brighten the day of someone special by enclosing a hand written note expressing how much you love them!

I don't know about you, but my printer keeps cutting off parts of the envelope... so if that is happening to you too, you can click here to download a smaller pdf version!


tim & brandi said...

very cute! have you actually printed it out laurie? do you know what size it ends up being?


Laurie said...

Well, it was pretty big, and I was going to settle for my printer cutting off the edges, but I instead had my husband shrink the image and save it in a PDF format.

So if you'd like to print out a smaller version, I linked it in the post update. It measures about 3-4 inches folded. VERY CUTE!

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