Friday, June 5, 2009

Jello Monoprints

I'm always trying to find ways to keep the kids busy over the summer. Here are a few kid friendly projects I've been saving for a rainy day.

Jello Monoprints

I am really excited to try this project with my kids. They love to get their hands dirty so this seems perfect. The idea comes from crafter Jessica Willson and the blog. Jessica has step by step instructions on how kids can create monoprints with Jello. {link}

Linoleum Prints

I remember making linoleum prints in high school but never thought about how much fun it would be to do with the kids. If you're interested check out The Long Thread's tutorial. Its not nearly as complicated as I remember. {link}

Felted Beads

This project looks great, is simple enough for toddlers, not to mention fun for older kids. Just think of all the bracelets and necklaces your kids will make with these beads! They could be busy working for hours. What more could you ask for?{link}

I hope you enjoy these projects! Oh and If you need to whip up a few aprons to cover your cuties while you craft, you should try these. {link}


Ching Ya said...

Now that's something. If I ever got a kid of my own then may try this one out. ^^ Thanks for sharing though.

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Anonymous said...

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Simply Delightful said...

These are some projects I don't think I ever would have thought of they are new and different and look like they would be fun to try. Thanks for sharing!

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